Advice and Things to Remember

Cats often seem to know what is going on. When they see the suitcases some cats will run and hide. We recommend that you either bring your cat in a day earlier or put the cat in its travel basket before you get the suitcases out.

Don’t feed prior to coming in. Your cat might not travel well.

 For cats who do not travel well, or who are very nervous, we recommend the use of Feliway spray, obtainable from any vet. This will reduce stress from traveling.

It will help your pet to settle in if you provide a CLEAN small bed, blanket or towel plus any favourite toys.

Bring an up-to-date vaccination certificate.

Full payment is required on arrival.

If you have any suggestions or comments on our service please do not hesitate to put them in writing to us.

Proprietor: Cindy Sharville

Telephone: 01342 842400