Our Cattery’s Environmental Policy


We reduce the carbon footprint of the Five Star Cat Hotel by reducing waste to landfill, using solar energy and reducing the use of plastic packaging.

Reducing plastic waste

We feel it is important to eliminate plastic packaging rather than assume that the plastic is recycled. It seems that local authorities are not always able to cope with recycling plastic and it can end up abroad or in landfill, being burnt or ending up in the oceans.

We ask that our customers, where possible, avoid bringing in cat food in plastic packaging. We are not banning plastic packed food. We know that some cats need special diets that are only available in plastic pouches – but if you can find an alternative please do. There are many quality pet foods in tins and foil that we can then recycle.

Solar Power

To reduce our carbon footprint we have installed 16 solar panels. During daylight (It doesn’t have to be sunny) all the electricity for the cattery is generated by the sun.

Reducing waste to landfill

We use paper-based cat litter. We separate the cat’s waste from the paper litter so that the paper litter can be composted. Tinned and foil-packed cat food is washed and recycled.

We purchase a plastic recycling service from Terracycle which ensures that all our plastic is properly recycled.

Plastic pollution

In a recent BBC programme Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and Anita Rani showed how much plastic is not recyled and often ends up in the world’s oceans. We are extremely concerned about this and want to do everything we can to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into our cattery and ensure that any that does is properly recycled. Click here to see this programme.

Shown below are two plastic cat food packs that say they are currently not recycled or are unclear whether they can be recycled. This was the case in August 2019. If the packs change we will let our customers know.