Information and House Rules

Come and visit the Five Star Cat Hotel Boarding Cattery, between Smallfield and Horley.To ensure that all our feline guests enjoy their stay, and to ensure the owners have peace of mind, the following house rules will apply :

1. A wide variety of tinned cat food will be fed to all guests. Special diets can be catered for if supplied by the guests owner. These will be kept in refrigerated conditions.

2. If bringing special diets of fresh food, i.e. fish or meat, these must be prepared and cooked and divided into meal size portions and frozen.

3. All vaccination certificates must be produced before admittance.

4. If your cat is on medication we must have notification from your vet that the cat’s condition is not contagious. Please write out clearly all instructions for administering medication.

5. All guests are covered by veterinary insurance. However this does not cover pre-exisiting ailments.

6. In the unlikely event that a guest becomes unwell we will immediately arrange for a vet’s inspection. If treatment is required this will be fully explained and the charges will be passed on to the owner at cost.

7. Although we have bedding it will help your pet to settle in if you provide a CLEAN small bed, blanket or towel plus any favourite toys.

8. Bookings can only be made by telephone: 01342 842400. Each cat is an individual so we need to speak to you personally to check on requirements.

9. We get fully booked during holiday times. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

10. The Five Star Cat Hotel is registered, licenced and inspected regularly by the Reigate & Banstead Borough Council Health Department.

11. A full security system is installed for your peace of mind.

12. Injections: We are prepared to carry out injections and administer medications but need to discuss the exact requirements first.
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Please supply medications with clear instructions.

Our boarding cattery is situated between Horley and Smallfield in Surrey, close to Gatwick airport.

208 Smallfield Road, Horley, Surrey RH6 9LS.

Telephone: 01342 842400

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